Iain Patterson


Iain Patterson

Interview of Iain Patterson in East Lothain, Scotland, November 2019 for Richard Demarco: The Italian Connection by Adam Lockhart

Edited by Adam Lockhart

All Images Courtesy of the Demarco European Art Foundation, Demarco Digital Archive (University of Dundee) and Iain Patterson.

Iain Patterson is an abstract painter who’s work is influenced by architecture and geology. He studied at Edinburgh School of Art and also taught there from 1977-2008. He has strong associations with Poland, which was established via Richard Demarco at Atelier ’72 (contemporary Polish art) held at the Richard Demarco Gallery (RDG), in collaboration with the Lodz Museum of Art in 1972. He took part in the exhibition John Knox, Iain Patterson, Ainslie Yule at the Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, organised in collaboration with the RDG, which opened up his connections with Italy.